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Reuse, not recycling.

CircleTech LLC was founded with a bold purpose many recyclers aren't even considering, the reuse of electronics as opposed to recycling. Our focus is on both newer equipment that still has value and vintage computers.  We will pick up everything for free and in many cases, even PAY you for your equipment. 


We pick up used Computer equipment made at or later than 2012 and at or earlier than the year 2000. Oftentimes these machines are still worth much more than their commodity values, and we want to pass some of the profits onto you. 


Hard drives with resale value will be properly wiped according to DoD Standards. Any Hard drives in need of physical destruction will be sent to a partner R2 certified recycling center for shredding.

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CircleTech LLC

1310 Elm Street, Plymouth, Michigan 48170, United States

(734) 680-6474


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